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29 April 2020

Proof that its being used as a road.


When the Judge ruled no to the loop road,
he also stated "Any Such Road", meaning the Sacco
property has no legal way of obtaining a 2nd Egress
by way of A. Herr Park, and needed to be Re-Zoned.
This is why The Willows was made CONTINGENT upon the park access drive.
Judges Order 

Amos Herr's Will - Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4 - Page 5 

The Agreement the Township signed accepting the land & conditions

19 Dec 2019
The AG's office of Josh Shapiro has now
turned a blind eye to this as well, their comment:

"It does not look like their office is going to be
able to deal with that". ~ Agent Barton Seeling

They left a paper trail, and nobody wants to prosecute?!?!?
I'm out 20k +, my backyard privacy and while my neighbors
and I are out the value of our homes,
while the Govt & Corp.and get to profit illegally 
with our HUD tax dollars. 
1.5 Million up-front, plus ongoing subsidies.
All while operating under the color of law.

24 Oct 2019
The "Final Plans" for the Willows that was submitted
to the recorder of deeds with a loop road
AFTER the Judge ruled against the road.
When people look at the plans, they will be DECEIVED
by the loop road, leading them believe it has a 2nd egress.
Filing of Fraudulent Documents can be added to the list of crimes.

19 Sept 2019

EHT connected the Community Gardens road people drive on
 to Caroline Court, a Private Rd.
Violating the Judges Order (aka Contempt of Court).

They will tell you it's a walking Trail,
but the walking trail is 6 feet wide
and the road is 14 feet wide
the road (so-called trail) doesn't connect to their 
Private Sidewalk (the thing people walk on)
it connects to their Private Road (that people drive on).

That way an inspector sees it, not knowing the property
was bought, sold and built on illegally.

Through all of this, ETH violated the A.Herr Will
They violated the Trust of the People
They wasted over 17k taxpayer dollars to DEFEND their actions,
in an attempt to Misappropriate Township Park Land (aka Real Estate Fraud)
Allowed land to be bought & sold and improved on as Village Residential,
when the land does not meet the requirements for VR (aka Real Estate Fraud)
They also violated their Oath to the Pa. Constitution under Article 6
This is often called Malfeasance in Public Office

This allowed MBI to build, while not staying within codes and it 
has taken away the Privacy of the exisiting homes on Naomi Ave
and their view, to where their Properties have been claimed to have lost value.
While MBI gets to collect over 1.5 million in Federal Subsidies as well
as well as on going subsidies, as the EHT gets a New Police Station
 (Follow the Money)

In the mean time, im out 18k in legal fees,
my backyard/swimming pool, privacy and the value of my home
as my neighbors are in like situations. 

Our Representative Brett Miller declined to help the people of EHT
as well as the D.A.'s Office of Craig Stedman -

If im not mistaken, Wigelsworth is in Real Estate.
And here we have Real Estate Fraud going on in EHT.

To act "under color of state law" means to act beyond the bounds of lawful authority, 
but in such a manner that the unlawful acts were done while the official was purporting or 
pretending to act in the performance of his official duties.

Malfeasance in office, or official misconduct, is the commission of an unlawful act, 
done in an official capacity, which affects the performance of official duties. 
Malfeasance in office is often grounds for a removal of an elected official by statute or recall election. 

July 17th

When the Judge ruled no to the loop road,
he also stated "Any Such Road", meaning the Sacco
property has no legal way of obtaining a 2nd Egress
by way of A. Herr Park, and needed to be Re-Zoned.
This is why The Willows was made CONTINGENT upon the park access drive.
Judges Order

The TWP Supervisors meeting on July 19th at 7pm
will be having the "Willows" coming for a vote.
They have been building for over 2 months and the
plans have never been finalized. (see above)

May 18th 2017 
From the Supervisors meeting last night,
it appears the Twp will hold off on connecting
to Naomi Ave, and make a "Horseshoe Road" from
Nissley to the Basketball Court Parking lot, however,
if traffic becomes a problem, or they deem
it necessary, at that point they will connect
to Naomi, via the "Horseshoe Road".
The traffic problems being created by the Willows
and the complaints it draws, will lead to that connection.
A Temporary stay of execution?

May 17th 2017

May 16th 2017
May 15th 2017


April 30th - On May 3rd there is a Twp meeting for the Master Plan (lol) for A. Herr Park, they are now going to try and connect
nissley to naomi via a horseshoe road. If they attempt to attach to Naomi Ave. they will be met woth legal action once again.
These people have a problem understanding the word NO!!!

I have turned information over to the E. Hempfield Twp Police Dept. about the these people not abiding by the law, as well as their oath of office.
If they do not wish to move forward, I will then go to the County Detectives, DOJ & Ethics Commisson.
If you disobey rules and laws, you get punished. When people in Govt don't abide by the rules and laws, we have a lawless govt, and thats when
societies start breaking down.
I don't want to pay taxes to a corrupt Govt, do you?
No citizen/resident should have to take money out of their pocket to stop the law, from breaking the law. It's "White Collar Crime" at it's finest.


April 18, 2017 - Judges Order (PDF) - We Win!!! - However, they still plan on destroying A. Herr Park with a "different" road and allow the builder to build the apartments
even though there are all kinds of problems. I will be filing a complaint with the State Ethics Commission. Some recent news will also be leading me to the D.A.

One of the people that voted against A. Herr's Will. (tsk tsk)

On Jan 5th there was a hearing for an injuction to halt the TWP & MBI from building
the roads. On Feb 10th we were granted the Injuction saying the roads violated 
Amos Herr's Will.  
The Twp & MBI have 30 days to file an appeal, but more than likely they won't because 
the burden or proof can't be met. 

Facebook Post Nov 6

Nov 3, 2016
I just sent another $5k out of my retirement account to pay the legal fees to save our park.
Just so you know, our Rep. Miller, turned his back on us. His picked his side...the Twp.
Remeber that this election. The people of E. Hempfield Twp have done more to save our park than our publicly elected officials.
They lock people up for stealing cars, so it's time to start throwing the people in jail that attempt to steal land, while abusing the trust of the people.

9/30/2016 - They are going to post BOND on us.
That's where they attempt to force us out of them game by making us put up BIG money because of delaying the Developer,
when in REALITY, it is NOT US that are delaying the matter, it's the people that sit on the BOARDS FOR THE TWP and not reading Amos Herr's will.

When you put people into a position of trust, you don't always see the fiber of their moral character until something like this happens.

NOBODY working for the TWP voted to save our park, and now want to run us out with high priced legal bureaucracy,
because they can't defend their stance for violating Amos Herr's will, so they have to argue AWAY from it.

This type of behavior happens at all levels of CORRUPTION.

I want to not only see these people removed from office, I want them behind bars.

On March 9th 2016 

The East Hempfield Twp. Board of Supervisors voted YES 
to the Elms Apartment Complex to put roads through A. Herr Park.

In doing so, they willfully neglected their OBLIGATION,
to abide by the terms and conditions of Amos Herr's will, after
they had been reminded, (and on more than one occassion,
and provided a copy of said will) that the land that
A. Herr Park sits on is for Parks & Recreation.

It has been said that they will let their Lawyers handle it.
Does that mean they will use our Tax Payer Dollars to fight US 
over their illegal doings? (yes it does) 

Amos Herr's Will - Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4 - Page 5 

The Agreement the Township signed accepting the land & conditions 

A through road from Naomi Ave to the proposed development
is NOT for Recreation. 
There is nothing in that area of the park, that needs a road
or a place to park. That road is for the Developer. 


Road in White from Naomi Ave to the site of the apartment complex

There is only "1" egress into the land where they want to build, it is the strip of land
north of the pool. That Egress is NOT wide enough by Twp. standards to have a sidewalk on each side. 
 That egress FLOODS, as all the water run-off for the Twp. runs through the land at that point. 
It also floods at the bend.  They are cramming those buildings into that one area to try and avoid 

The land being built on, as big as it is, has its drawbacks, that's the way it was designed, and now the designers want to
violate the Terms and conditions of Amos Herr's will, the integrity of A. Herr Park, while violating the 
Trust of the people.....the land is a hard sell, because they can't do much other than farm with it,
 without spending MILLIONS of dollars on the water run-off and flooding as well as 1 egress.  
I have to question the validity of the land being zoned for this purpose to begin with. 

Cars racing THROUGH A.Herr Park.....brilliant idea if you want to run over a kid. 
All it takes is for 1 driver, or 1 child NOT paying attention. 

Currently, at the end of Naomi Ave,
nobody is allowed to park there, to enjoy the park.
But they want to run a roads through the park????

If you turn left, you will see the sledding area.

They are taking away the area where kids go sledding 
and snow boarding (a recreation area)
to put in a thru-road for a development.  

What kind of people take Land from a Dead Man, 
and not abide by the terms and conditions of that land, 
while removing a recreation area, from the kids, 
for a thru-road, while disrespecting the people of EHT??? 

Not anyone I want my tax dollars going to. 

I not only want this project halted, I want people removed from office!!
We need ETHICAL people in our Governments, not Grave Robbers!! 

We now have to fight a lawless group of people, to ensure that they are held
in accordance with the Law.

W. Scott Wiglesworth 	
H. Scott Russell 
John D. Bingham 
Douglas W. Brubaker 
G. Edward LeFevre
March 15, 2016 - Today I spoke with an attorney, and I am hoping for another conversation on Wed. 
I will be attending the Board of Superviors meeting Wednesday evening at 7pm. 

From someone's post on a Facebook that spoke with the Twp about this, gave a story to that person
that paints a different picture than what the developer and twp. had on the overhead. 

No matter how big and bright a picture the TWP paints, or how much you might like their ideas,
the fact remains that THEY MUST ABIDE BY AMOS HERR'S WILL. 


March 16, 2016 - Went to Twp Supervisors meeting, nothing about the park was covered.
Afterwards, myself and others had conversation with 2 of the Supervisors, and lets just
say, they now know who I am, and that I am ready to fight them in court.

Received a 2 page letter from the Twp. 
Page 1 - Page 2 

In the Suburban News 
Page 1 - Page 2

A letter to the Township via our Lawyer.

May 18th -  The Board of Supervisors approved the plans, even though we gave them 
alternate ways of accomplishing the things they wanted those roads for. 
While in the meeting, they spoke about those roads, but also called it a 2nd egress
meaning thats a 2nd out for the development, and not for park & recreation. 
I will call the Lawyer tomorrow, and I believe our next move is to file an injunction. 

Also Note: on Monday, May 16th I stopped at Brett Miller's Office, as he is our Rep 
in the 41st District, lives in Hempfield, and was on the Board back when the Elmwood Partners 
wanted to build, to see if he was going to side with the people or the twp, or maybe even show
up to the meeting tonight. I left my name and number, didn't hear from him, nor did I see him 
at the meeting. 

May 27th - Received a phone call from Rep. Miller today and he was aware of "some" of the things
going on, so I gave him the website address so he can get caught up, and that we are filing an appeal.  
He mention that back when Elmwood partners wanted to put in a road, he voted it down. 
Maybe we'll see him down the road (he's a busy man). 
June 6th - Appeal Filed 

1700 Nissley Road, Landisville PA 17538Wednesday, 
June 15, 2016 – 7:00pm 
4-C. Thomas Johnson vs. East Hempfield Township re: 
appeal of the Elms Development approval– 
Board consideration of intervention approval.
The Board voted 3-0 to fight the appeal.
Please call the East Hempfield Township Office and tell them to stop their illegal
actions and honor their commitment to Amos Herr and the People of East Hempfield. 
At this time, the $5,000 retainer for legal fees in now under $2300.00
If you would like to help with legal fees, please send a check to 

May Metzger & Zimmerman LLP 
49 North Duke St. 
Lancaster, Pa. 17602 

Place "A. Herr Park Defense Fund" in the Memo Section of your check. 
Wouldn't you want your Last Will & Testamnet honored?

Thank You!
Tom Johnson 
Pa. Chairman, U.S. Marijuana Party 

contact Tom by email 

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